Bishop J.R. Ricks, Sr.: Celebration of A Life Well-Done

November 8, 2013, 9:56 PM


Bishop James R. Ricks, Sr. (J.I.), a man of great valor and the renowned ability to transform his lifestyles of Bishop (Pastor), Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grand Father, son of man (Jesse and Sophia Ricks), and one of the “Sons of God” (Born Again Birthmark). As a young boy he was very sickly and the doctors told his mother that he probably would not live a long life and would “never” have children, but “God” sent “Jesus”, through and by “His stripes”, so we are “healed”. At the age of 18, my Dad was called into the Ministry to preach the unadulterated (Truth) “Word of God” to all mankind. He accepted the call to minister after a great deal of resistance because he did not feel worthy of the responsibility it required. Dad served as Pastor of The Church of God of Prophecy for 55 years and became an “icon” in the Church as a “Giver” (tithes and offerings), and the community (High Point and Trinity). J.I. a nickname given to him at boyhood, understood in later years because of his rugged (uncommon) early life, was translated as “Jesus and I”. Two of his most memorable sermons to me were, “Jesus Christ the Junk Man” (Jesus took all the sin on Himself to redeem us from sin), and It’s a “Poor Rat” that only has “One Hole”, (can only do one job). He dedicated and devoted his life to the fear (referenced-honor) of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Body of Christ (The Church). The Glory of God is my Dad, the Glory of my Dad is my “Mom” (JoAnne), and the Glory of my Dad and Mom is their children, our glory is Dad and Mom, and one day the Glory of the Lord Jesus will be “ours” “eternally” in Heaven. After being drafted and serving the U.S. Army with an “honorable discharge,” he married and wanted children. Remembering what the doctor had told him, Dad went to the source (God), who said be fruitful and multiply, so it is not over when the “fat lady” sings, but it’s only over when you lose faith and hope in God’s “written” and “spoken word.” God’s will was my Dad’s will, so Dad asks God for 10 children, and he received two extra children, more than he ask or thought. His memory was often imitated without duplication, one of a kind, distinct style, a brilliant mind filled with wisdom and a heart full of “love” for all. Dad was “Master” Brick/Block/Rock Contractor. Dad’s “master pieces” can be seen all over N.C. and many other states. Dad built a Rock Fireplace Room (bath and shower) at his resident that has the beauty of a Heavenly design, and my residence, 2 rock fireplaces that mark excellence at its foundational core. Dad’s motto was “I’m not the best brick layer in the world, but ain’t none no better”! I thank “God” through “His Son” “Jesus Christ” every day for my Dad who has left an unspotted “Legacy” for me, my brothers, sisters, friends, and even his few enemies by his account, to Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and love your neighbor as yourself! God satisfied Dad with a long life which Dad reminded me was “overtime” since God promised 3-score (score=20) and 10 (70 years), he received 4-score (80 years). In my study of the bible, I have always wonders why there is quoted that God is sitting on “His Throne”, Jesus on “His Right Hand Side” but does not mention who is on the “Left Hand Side.” The answer could possibly be that on November 29, 2011, at 1:10 p.m. J.R. (J.I.) Ricks, Sr., occupied the “Left Hand Side”! I am thanking everyone that attended or sent the Ricks Family their love and gratitude for the celebrated life and Home Going of the greatest Dad, greatest friend, and greatest brother through Jesus Christ. Special thanks go to the Honorable Bishop F.D. Collins, Sr., and Church Family of the Church of God of Prophecy at Stanton Place, High Point, N.C. My motto is, “Dad” was and is the “best Dad” in the world and there ain’t  none no better!

J.R.Ricks, Jr.