J.R. Ricks, Jr., was born on October 7, 1956 at High Point Memorial Hospital in High Point N.C., to James R. Ricks Sr. and Mary Alice Little, the elder son of three in this union, two sons and one daughter.  My birth mother went to Heaven in 1963. In 1965, my Dad married Jo Anne Williams, of this union were five boys and two daughters. There were seven sons and three daughters born from my Dad. I joined “The Church of God of Prophecy” at a very young age. I was called to minister at seventeen years of age, but did not except the call until I was twenty-five years old. My Dad taught each of his sons the Gospel (Salvation), and the Masonry (work ethics) Trade. Prior to marriage I received my elder son, Damien Hayes and I married my Dad’s choice of a lady, Phyllis McCoy of Archdale N.C. on December 10, 1977.  From this union we have one son J.R. Ricks III, two daughters, Sheena and Shevona, three grandchildren Jayla, Jayden and Damitri. I joined the High Point Fire Department in 1981 and began a “Cleaning Service” in 1983. In 1997 I began a Radio Ministry called “To Tell The Truth” which was bought out by ESPN Sports in 2005. I then began to write articles in the High Point Enterprise Newspaper. I continue to write every two weeks and still operate my Cleaning Service. I retired from the Fire Department in June 2012, a few months after my Dad went to Heaven November 29, 2011. I began Interim Pastor in April 2012, and became Full time Pastor in August 2013. My Dad was a Shepard for 55 years (COGOP), when he went to Heaven I was 55 years of age. Bishop J.R. Ricks Sr., was the foundation of my life in Jesus Christ (spiritually), and everyday living (naturally). After retiring from the Fire Department I was recognized as the “No.1” Firefighter of The City of High Point, (World Furniture Capital). I have gone from the “smoking section”, (natural) of life to the “non-smoking” section for life eternal (spiritual). My motto in life is not to be a burden to others, so that others won't be a burden to me, while continuing to love, preach, teach, prosper and in all things, “To Tell The Truth”. I received a “Spirit of Excellence Award” from my local Church (Wake Forest- COCOP) after one year of Pastoring. I will continue to build on the foundation that Jesus has laid and what Bishop J.R. Ricks Sr. has built upon. We the body of Christ at the Wake Forest COGOP invite and welcome everyone to come and receive the “25-8” spiritual promises of God through Jesus Christ:, life with life more abundantly. God is absolutely the “Goodest”, because Jesus has made everything “ALREADY- ALRIGHT” and “ALRIGHT-ALREADY”! 

Pastor J.R. Ricks Jr.



Pastor and The Wake Weekly

Fireman-turned-pastor honored

Posted On 26 Jun 2014
WAKE FOREST — As former firefighter Pastor J. R. Ricks Jr. tells it, he went from the smoking section of natural life to the non-smoking section of eternal life.
Ricks, 57, took the reins of his late father’s church, the Church of God of Prophecy on North White Street in Wake Forest, in August last year, after retiring from the High Point fire department.
Ricks has also run a cleaning service, written for the High Point newspaper (both of which he continues to do), and had a radio ministry, To Tell the Truth, which ESPN Sports bought out in 2005.
His father, Ricks Sr., pastored the same church for 55 years and influenced his children by not only teaching the Gospel, but by imparting a strong work ethic.
To honor his work in the church, Ricks recently received a Spirit of Excellence award from his congregation, and he vows to continue to build on the foundation his father left him.
Ricks wishes for his congregation to make an impact on the Wake Forest community and beyond.
“We will offer truth, fellowship and relationship with brotherly kindness, faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, with godliness to become a one mindset, soul, body and spirit, without division or separation of the love of God,” said Ricks in a recent interview.
“It is an honor and a privilege to pastor people who loved, respected and never rejected my father or his family, as unto Christ and the church.”